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Welcome to Recycled Denim with a Twist!

recycled denim in green bay, wiOne sweater: wear it two ways 💖

Please use caution when washing your new gentle clothes. Leggings and other rayon and soft tops need a little extra TLC. Turn these items inside out and wash with cool water in a sweater bag on delicate cycle. Do not put them in with jeans or any heavy fabrics or pilling will occur. Dry 2-3 minutes on very low dry. This way fabrics will look better and last longer.

We take denim anything, jeans, skirts and more. At Recycled Denim with a Twist, we carry the Earth-friendly thought of recycling jeans for fun! We also specialize in custom bags for every purpose under the sun! You can purchase bags that are "ready to go" or make your own using recycled fabric from our wide selection of materials. You can take it home and sew it together or use our industrial sewing machines to create your bag right in our store! We are always here to help you every step of the way.

Your bag can have all kinds of different features such as a sunglasses pouch, laptop carrier, a pocket for keys, or anything else you dream up! You can mix and match fabrics and threads to make it totally unique.